Monday, February 16, 2015

It's been awhile since I posted.  Still busy as ever, but I did a little scrapping based on a book cover again.  Books are just such beautiful works of art!  I received some lovely Valentine's gifts from my mother and Aunt with scrapbooking supplies but I ended up using some old stuff for this page anyways.  I'm looking to use some of their stuff soon here though.

Anyways, this book cover is a pretty watercolor for The Awakening which is a great short read about the treatment of women before suffrage really took a hold. I highly recommend it.

I really liked the colors and the way they were meshed together.  I will say however that there is a lot more bright blue in the cover than my phone camera could capture. 

Here is the page I came up with.  I like the pictures I used because we were mimicking the characters on our cups which were mostly superheroes.


  1. Love this! Fun photos and great colors!!!!!!

  2. What a fun layout! Great job using the book cover as INSPIRATION!