Monday, September 19, 2016

Meh Day

Today I thought that I'd try out a stamp set I've had sitting in my craft drawers for awhile and use the "For You" stamp because I hardly ever do.  I wanted to see if I liked it enough to hang on to it.  I'm not really sure if I did like it though.  I don't like cards that are this general but I guess it couldn't hurt to have on in my stash.  I did like that it fit perfectly on the lines of this tag that I had stored.  I can't even remember where it came from but there's a lot more like it!  This card as a whole was a good way to get rid of leftover embellishments and pieces that I had laying around though so that was nice.  I think it's important to flaunt some of my "meh" crafting ventures to remind myself that I won't always make a winner and that's okay!

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