Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cold Turkey #3

I've been getting really into fast and simple cards.  For instance, this one I literally made in less than ten minutes.  I found the quote and decided to make a card out of it, then realized I had less time before work than I initially thought (I misread the clock which tells you how early in the morning this was).  When I realized that I decided to make it a challenge for myself and I'm presently surprised with what I was able to pull together given the time limit.  Maybe sometime I'll make a video of myself doing this so you can see the papers flying.  It's really quite dramatic!  There are so many ways that this card could be spiced up but it's a tiny one and I kind of like the simplicity.  Plus it'd make an okay "boy card" and most of them won't hardly look at the front anyways if we're being honest...

(I also just noticed that I missed one Tuesday so I will be posting another tomorrow to make up for it, wish me luck!)

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